Sant'Eustorgio and Cappella PortinariSant'Eustorgio and Cappella Portinari

The Relics of the three Wise Men, a famous middle age preacher and a banker, protagonist of Renaissance time, meet in this location filled with history.



Second only to the Duomo and S.Ambrogio, the church of S.Eustorgio is the third religious building in Milan. Probably built in 4th century by Eustorgio, bishop of the city, to contain the holy relics of the three Magi (the three Wise Men). In the 13rd century it was the place where huge crowds gathered to attend S. Pietro Martire's speeches.

The basilica, mainly a Romanesque building, has a very complicated structure because of the many interventions during its long history. It was built on the road leading to Pavia, ancient capital of the Longobard's kingdom, today faces corso di Porta Ticinese. Along with the church of San Lorenzo and the beautiful Cappella Portinari it is located in the Parco delle Basiliche, next to the “navigli” area (canals neighbourhood), one of the oldest and most charming neighbourhood of Milan.

Just behind the church you can find the cappella Portinari (Portinari's chapel), one of the greatest masterpieces of the Renaissance art in Lombardy, perfect match of architecture, sculpture and painted decorations. It is a small jewel well worth of a visit. The chapel was built to contain the relics of San Pietro Martire by the Florentine banker Pigello Portinari. The chapel is a graceful space covered by a cupola, very similar to the Old Sacristy built by Brunelleschi in the church of San Lorenzo in Florence. In the middle of the chapel lays the ornate mausoleum of San Pietro Martire, sculpted in 14th century by Giovanni di Balduccio from Pisa, previously located in the basilica of S. Eustorgio. The mausoleum narrates the history and virtues of San Pietro Martire. Episodes from the life of the saint could be found on the walls and vault of the chapel, constituting the masterpiece of the 15th century Lombard painter Vincenzo Foppa.

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Piazza S. Eustorgio, 3

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daily from 10am to 6pm

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Euro 6

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